New year and vacations and this site

It’s summer. I got vacations from the work ranging from Dec 22 to Jan 09 and I wanted to use it to spend time with family and travel, so I did it. I spend the Christmas with family at my place, and then traveled to a far relative’s place on Dec 26. So far, we’ve gone to the beach, pubs, and museums. Not too much, but it was worth it and I’m happy with it.

About the beach, it was ok, except for the crowd and trash. We were lucky that day was a sunny day, because every other days we had pontual rains.
At the pub, I tried different artesanal beers such as their own APA and IPA beers. Normally, I do like IPA beers, but their APA was awesome.

The time I spent at their place, I used to play games and write this site :p. I can say I started the year pretty excited and I hope it’s a promising year for many achievements, both in personal and professional life, I have high expectations.

This site

I want to design this site the same way I did once as a lesson of my high school times. I wanted to get its CSS and HTML files, but they’re in my old computer, very far away from where I’m now, so I had to write everything from scratch, and here we are. I really like the simplicity of it and the color scheme, which I based off a PC-98 Touhou Mystic Square.

I still have a long way to go with this site’s styling, so I’m building it block by block, incrementally. Also, one of my goals with it, is to be very lightweight and to not use any Javascript (only if really necessary), and for this reason I chose to use a SSG. I’m not used to SSGs nor ever created a personal site, so I chose Hugo for building this site, since it’s famous and in my mind it’s an easy approach. Hugo might be too complex for me, so I’m looking for simpler SSGs. A friend told me about Makefile SSG sites, I’ve looked into them and I’m probably adopting it in the future (if you’re reading this, thanks :) ). Btw, I still need to make better use of taxonomies and custom properties in Hugo, because I do want to tag and categorize my posts :p