About me

I’m just an (un)ordinary young guy seeking for knowledge.
So far I’m a physicist and firmware programmer. Physicist in formation, programmer by life.

Professional life

It may seem weird, but I make the bridge between physics and programming by not modeling, but processing sensory data information (uhm yeah, that involves a bit of modeling). I work and make embedded devices equiped with several sensors such as IMUs, temperature, pressure, humidity sensors, and so on. There is a famous name to describe these devices: IOT, or more specifically, IIOT, and we usually call them as “smart things”. My work is for industry, not general public, though I’d like to make things for general public.

My best experience is with automobilistics industry. My work is within many areas inside this industry, from QA as in conformity checks, to general machinery maintenance prevention. My work also extends to foods industry, portable dialysis stations, railway industry, …

Personal life

Not much to write here, but here are things I like to do:

Besides working as programmer, I study physics. No, I’m not the one who chooses physics because of astronomy or astrophysics or whatever, I choose it because I’m fascinated by nature of mechanics (not the “mechanics” you’re probably thinking of, check the link).



My favorite hobby is programming. Not a surprise :p. Before I got my current job, I used to write many small tools that help me on my daily life on desktop. Now, after I got the job, I kinda stopped doing this, but I do still make programs outside of my assigned role to help myself and my company, be it a library or an internal program.

Learning languages

Few years ago (6 years to be more exact), I had this language learning hobby where I used to learn many languages. At that time, I tried studying many languages: Japonese, Russian, French, German and even Esperanto (lol). And the only language that I sticked with was Japanese. Today I can speak Portuguese (my native language) and English, my level of Japanese is kinda intermediary, I know a lot of grammar and can write some complex sentences, but I miss vocabulary.
Today, I started learning Japanese and Russian again, I think I’m advancing rapidly into Russian.